Who loves Penny Scallan?

Ooh, me, me!!!

Who loves CHEAP Penny Scallan? Oooh: meeeeee. Yeeeeeessss.

You know what I mean, right? You do too!

Well, ShopHouse – ShopHouse – www.shophouse.com.au – is offering a mighty fine 15% off all Penny Scallan products for the whole of April.

Bronwyn at ShopHouse has the ‘House stocked to the rafters with a super selection for your purchasing pleasure.

Behold just a small selection of the bounty within:


Penny Scallan Medium Spots Back Pack $39.95 $33.96 (after 15% discount) I love this print (we have the pencil cases and small purses in it), and it’s now DISCONTINUED, so snap it up here, while you can still get it!!
Penny Scallan Apple Lunch Box $24.95 $21.21 (after 15% discount)
Penny Scallan Large Cowboy Backpack $49.95 $42.46 (after 15% discount)
Penny Scallan Surfboard Hat
$59.95 $33.96 (after 15% discount)
Penny Scallan Large Navy Star Tote Bag $16.95 $14.41 (after 15% discount)
Penny Scallan Large Navy Star Tote Bag $59.95 $50.95 (after 15% discount)
Penny Scallan Baby Fruit Smock $20.95 $17.81 (after 15% discount)

No discount code is needed, prices are already discounted by 15% for your convenience. Head on over for joy!

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, we went to the most fabulous fair on the weekend. It was everything you could ever want in a fair; so much to see, a lovely location and very relaxing. There were also FREE Donkey Rides courtesy of our local branch of the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary.


Every child that had a ride wore a helmet, but before the helmet went on, they popped a disposable hair net on each noggin.

Ah, I thought, as the penny dropped, they are doing this for the express reason of hygiene and preventing the spread of head lice.

My kids are 3.5 years, and I haven’t had much cause to think about lice as yet, but I know it will come my way.

I know from my friends with kids who are in school that head lice and nits are a scourge that few manage to avoid totally, that they like clean hair over dirty, so squeaky-clean-ness is no protection, and that they’re a darned pain to shift once they’ve moved in.

I noticed that ShopHouse stock a product called eco.kid that actually prevents the head lice cycle without resorting to chemical warfare that might harm your kid as much as the lice. Prevention is always better than cure, I reckon. (I also read Bronwyn’s informative blog article on head lice, and learned a few things I didn’t know about head lice (mostly yukky, but forearmed is forewarned!!)

Use the promotion code ‘kidstylefile’ to get a 50% postage discount on your first eco.kid order from ShopHouse. If you happen to add another product to their order the entire delivery cost will be discounted. Hmmmm…that’s good. Very good…..

So, while you’re there, why not take advantage of the Kee-Ka special offer that ShopHouse have going. Buy one, get one free, no less!


oobihood.jpgAlso, swing over to the Sale section. There are still some goodies to be had, including this very desirable and hard to find Oobi Sleeveless Hoodie With Ears in Choc/Pink $39.95 JUST $27.96!!!! Bar-gain!!!!

ShopHouse also stock Annabel Trends, baobab, Bod, Coocoon Couture, IDTee, Kee-Ka, Kroom, Lil’ Lana, Little Chipipi, Little Kitchen, Oobi, Organic Bubs, and The Little Experience.

ShopHouse postage charges are calculated at checkout. Orders over $99.00 are delivered FREE. International orders are very welcome. Check the ShopHouse Shipping and Freight info for full details.


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