Ah, I do love ShopHouse – ShopHouse – www.shophouse.com.au – Bronwyn always has lots of great new products coming in, with fab offers on them to boot.

(Her customer service is stunningly good too: I hear often from you guys that you heart the ‘House 🙂 )

Latest news is that ShopHouse have recently started stocking Moltex Nappies.

Bronwyn is Mum to 3 cherubs, so she knows the drill on bottom-changes, and you just can’t beat a Mum’s endorsement of a product. Bronwyn switched to Moltex for her own babes about 12 months ago, and hasn’t looked back.

Bronwyn tells me:

“These nappies are brilliant. The quality is as good as You-Know-Who’s regarding absorbency, and I found that Moltex Nappies actually last the night time distance even better. They are environmentally friendly, to: they are unbleached, contain biodegradable material, and are 100% chlorine free: better for bottoms and the planet. “


Bronwyn believes in caring for little one’s skin from top to bottom, so when you buy your Moltex Nappies, you’ll also receive a complimentary tube of WotNot Sunscreen (30+ SPF), valued at $21.95! Wotnot contains certified organic ingredients, and is self preserving: no artificial preservatives here! Safe for use on babies to grown-ups. This offer is available while stocks last.


On the fashion front, ShopHouse are now stocking one of my all-time-fave Aussie labels mill&mia.

This season’s collection is to die for; I’m digging red, blue and stripes, and they’ve got it all, projecting it all with a sense of fun and oh-so-much style!

We live in mill&mia long-sleeved tees: they stand up to the harshest treatment (paint, mud, parks, food, daily wear and tear and ruthless soaking and tumble-drying) and come up smiling. The prints survive all this too!

The cotton elastane blends means that the fit is great, and it doesn’t go all saggy and stretched.

The quality of mill&mia is just superb, and it’s all Aussie designed and made.

I just LOVE mill&mia – can you tell 😉

ShopHouse are offering KSF readers free delivery on entire orders that contain at least one piece from the Mill & Mia range, for the month of May. Enter the promo code ‘KSFMillMia’ to get free delivery.

Hey, that means if you buy just one piece of mill&mia you can load up your cart big time ‘cos postage on the whole order will be free!!


Not that you need reminding, I’m sure, but Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer every day.

Get FREE postage on this luxe Bod Mother’s Day Gift Pack $49.95, and bliss out on Sunday. Nothing like a like home-spa treatment to make a Mamas day!

Lastly, but not definitely not leastly, ShopHouse have just replenished their Penny Scallan stock, and we get to snap it up 15% off!

Lots of yummmy Penny Scallan bags, hats, smocks, lunch bags to choose from.

Head on over to ShopHouse for 15% off all Penny Scallan products for the rest of May! (Note that no code is needed here; prices are already discounted by 15% for your convenience).

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