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Decorating a child’s room has to be one of the most pleasurable activities there is: you get not only to create a comfortable and comforting environment, but there is plenty of opportunity to let your imagination carry you away on a exhilarating ride of colour, texture and movement.

A key piece of decor in the nursery has to be the mobile. Not only do mobiles look attractive, but they serve to amuse, soothe (and let’s not forget distract!) little bubbas.

Mobiles remain an important decorating element as your child grows too, adding visual interest to a room, and drawing your eye upwards, maximising the feeling of space.

Below find my current top 10 picks.

Petite Collage Three Birds Bamboo Mobile This beautiful eco-friendly piece goes the distance from birth through to 10 years, and when your child is doen with it you can move it into your room. A classic piece that will stand the test of time.

Manhattan Toy Infant Stim Mobile Researchers have found that a baby’s visual perception is geared towards faces and high contrast objects. This wonderful mobile offers the opportunity to stimulate your baby and get those neurons firing in all the right ways.

Kristen Loffer Thiess Flights of Fancy Hand-made Mobile This stunning artistan-made mobile provides a lynchpin on which to base your entire nursery (I see it working back well with the Dwellstudio range pieces). Classy, fun and friendly.

Hip Stuff Aeroplanes Mobile Hello, did anyone say CHEAP? At $19.95 this mobile, is super afforable and would be perfect in a baby boy’s room. Decorate with wall stickers and a bold red and white striped theme and you have a champagne effect on a baked-bean budget!

Solar System DIY Mobile Perfect for toddlers upwards, create your own final frontier – space – and give your kids a science lesson at the same time. A wonderful activity to o with older children.

Frazier & Wing Small Brights Mobile I saw these stunning creations in the flesh in New York at Bubble earlier this year, and I have to say that photography does not do them justice. These remarkable hand cut pieces are gentle and soothing, and make a fabulous modern statement.

Flensted Tumbling Bunnies Mobile European mobile masters Flensted produce a plethora of wonderful creations, but these bunnies are my very favourite. Their circular shapes means they tumble and frolic playfully with the slightest encouragment. I could watch these for hours!

Djeco Flights of Fancy Mobile Djeco have paired with extraordinary Frenh artists Delphine Chedru to create this vertiable aviary of colourful birds to fill your child’s room with delight. Also available in sea-creatures design if you fancy an aquarium effect.

Black and White Baby Bright Mobile I had this simple mobile for my own children and it thrilled and delighted them beautifully. This is the cheapest pick of the bunch, but certainly not the lesser choice.

Pooki & Co. Pookiland Nursery Mobile – Kiko! I’m a huge fan of Pooki & Co. from France. Their bright colours and quirky Cubist perspectives will infuse your child’s nursery or bedroom with utter joi de vivre. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left:

Petite Collage Three Birds Bamboo Mobile from Kindergallery $120.00
Manhattan Toy Infant Stim Mobile from Urban Baby $36.95
Kristen Loffer Thiess Flights of Fancy Hand-made Mobile from Kindergallery $280.00
Hip Stuff Aeroplanes Mobile from The Hip Infant $19.95
Solar System DIY Mobile from Young Minds $32.90
Frazier & Wing Small Brights Mobile from Tiny People $140.00
Flensted Tumbling Bunnies Mobile from Vivachi Style $31.50
Djeco Flights of Fancy Mobile from Urban Baby $44.95
Black and White Baby Bright Mobile from Thinking Fun $17.75
Pooki & Co. Pookiland Nursery Mobile – Kiko! from The Rocking Horse $59.95

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