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Baby Legs are the original baby leg warmer, and with an ever-expanding range of designs; Babes in Arms – www.babesinarms.com.au bring you the most comprehensive range of Baby Legs in Australia.

Baby Legs are a sweet addition for your little one’s wardobe; the perfect items to tie together an outfit (on little arms or legs), a lightweight option for added UV protection, an extra layer of warmth for cool mornings and dusk time playing, and as my little girl begins her crawling adventures, BabyLegs offer perfect protection for her little knees accross our floor boards.

There are some fabulous new Baby Legs designs to be found at Babes in Arms for both boys and girls.  If you are die hard BabyLeg fan, you might like to use the ‘shop by collection’ tool as most new designs can be found as part of the ‘Modish’ collection.  Or, if you like a more leisurely browse, you might like to make your way through the entire collection, by gender, colour, the top 20, or whatever else takes your fancy!

My top picks of the latest designs are the Funky Green Dot and the Fresh Jelly Bean designs.

BabyLegs also have a new range of socks in designs for both girls and boys. Now, I don’t know about you, but there is most definitly a sock monster in residence at our house, and he has a never-ending appetite for just one sock from each pair!! The best news about the new BabyLeg socks is that they come in packs of either 2 or 6 to help keep the sock monster at bay for a little longer!

Babes in Arms currently has a super selection of Babyleg designs* on sale for the ripper price of $10.00 per pair (rrp $16.50) PLUS KSF VIPS (that’s *you*!) can take an extra 15% off with the purchase of 2+ BabyLegs products (includes socks, tights or leg warmers). Pop a whole heap of cheap-as-chips BabyLegs in your cart, enter discount code ‘BLKSF-1009’ at checkout and give yourself a pat on the back: you’ve got yourself a steal! This offer ends 31 October 2009.

* Try saying this fast – it will make you giggle with glee: Busy Bee , Supersoft Rainbow, Chipotle, Forest, Red Bandana, Blackand White Argyle, Sedona, Purple Bandana, Polo, Navy and Red Ribbed, White StarBurst, Blue Polka Dot, Queen Ann, Purple Polka Dots, Marco, Red and White Stripes,  Brown and Blue Argyle and Pink Polka Dot!

Purchase 2 or more BabyLegs products until 31 October 2009 and take 15% off with code (read above).

  1. Funky Green Dot BabyLegs $16.50
  2. Fresh Jelly Bean BabyLegs $16.50
  3. Funky Blue Polka Dot BabyLegs $16.50 $10.00
  4. Princess BabyLegs $16.50
  5. Modish His Camo BabyLegs $16.50
  6. Lighthouse BabyLegs Socks – 2 Pair Pack $13.95
  7. Classic Red Ribbed BabyLegs $16.50 $10.00
  8. Anime Spirited Fun – Strawberry Baby Legs $16.50
  9. Nanaimo Babylegs Tights $21.95
  10. Tea Party BabyLegs Sock Gift Box – 6 Pairs $32.95

Babes in Arms ship Australia wide using Australia Post.  Orders valued less than $30, cost $13 Express Post Shipping or $6.50 Regular Post Shipping within Australia.  Orders valued between $30 and $50 cost $11 Express Post Shipping or $4 Regular Post Shipping within Australia.  All orders over $50 are shipped via Express Post for FREE.  For full shipping details, including International Orders, see here.


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