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Today’s post written by Cassi from The Crafty Crow

Hello everyone! Are you ready to get started on some holiday gifts?

Toddler’s artwork can be a great place to begin for help with homemade presents. Toddlers are generally very prolific and at a stage of learning where they enjoy the experience of using different art media with a variety of tools.

Of course, children of all ages, and adults too, will enjoy the freedom of artistic exploration with the ideas today so don’t limit the fun to just the little ones.

Check out this list of all the amazing things that can be created with your child’s artwork and before you know it you can check some gifts off of your list and your kids will be proud that they were able to help out as well. Have fun!

*Tips: Watercolors and tempera paints are perfect for this age since they clean up with water, but if the weather is nice try painting outdoors to lessen the clean up time. Also, don’t offer too many colors at once; begin with two of the primary colors (blue, red, yellow) and let the child discover what happens when the two colors mix together. If you are worried about your child putting paints in their mouth try adding some vinegar to the water or paint before you begin.


1 – You can make beautiful and delicate prints from bubbles with the directions at A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That.

2 – Springtree Road experimented painting with chenille stems.

3 – No one will be able to resist trying these yo-yo prints featured at The Snail’s Trail.

4 – You can use almost anything as a paintbrush – No Time For Flashcards used a fly swatter for this painting.

5 – Making Of A Montessori Mom shows you how to paint using crepe paper.

6 – These beautiful marbled prints were made with shaving cream and the directions at The Artful Parent.

7 – Good + Happy Day shows you how to enjoy a painting day outside using the the Jackson Pollock approach.

8 – I just love these spin art pictures found at Brassy Apple.

9 – Try painting with a feather – seen at Artsonia.

10 – Don’t forget about good old finger painting – a classic for a reason. Her Cup Overfloweth has the directions for a version with less mess.

You’ll find many more ideas like these at The Crafty Crow, I hope you’ll come by and say hello! If you have a project that you would like to submit then send it my way – details are in the right column on The Crafty Crow.

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