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I’ve just re-organised the boys’ collection of Lego and cars, each now living in their very own ‘special’ container which is packed away each night. I’m sure many will sympathise with the laborious task of picking up tiny pieces of plastic each day and often competing with paralysed limbs and serious ailments as soon as the ‘let’s pack away’ bell is rung. Perseverance is key I believe… and a whole lot of patience.

While sorting through my choices for today’s selection of wallpapers, my boys leaned over my shoulder and pointed excitedly at the vintage cars design from Jimmy Cricket – what perfect inspiration for order and structure! Boys being boys, anything to do with transport, robots or machines in general will attract interest, so finding a design that incorporates any of these will be a sure thing.

Remember though, you can always diffuse a whole lot of pattern by allowing other parts of the room to remain simple. Why not take a leaf out of Marimekko’s book and combine stripes with their Boboo transport design? Or if cars and trucks and things that go aren’t quite your cup of tea, then create an underwater paradise with the help of Portuguese artists Little Hands. I have to say, I am totally in love with Mini Modern’s Rob Ryan exclusive designs. Anything this artist creates I’d pay for in spades, and the birdcages in this collection are simply divine. I think I’d be saving this design for my own room though…

Whatever the case, when it comes to decorating children’s rooms, we are really spoilt for choice and I can’t wait to get started!

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Wonderful Wallpaper For Kids’ Rooms: Part 1

1. Bleep Bleep, $190 per 6 metre roll – from Jimmy Cricket
2. Our Adventure is About to Begin – £50 per 10 metre roll – from Mini Moderns
3. Lief Collection for Graham and Brown $109 per 10 metre toll – from Crave Interiors
4. Unikko, $350 per 10 metre roll – from Crave Interiors
5. Carnival Stripes, $158 per 10.5 metre roll – from Porters Paints
6. Toys $190 per 6 metre roll – from Jimmy Cricket
7. Boboo, $350 per 10 metre roll – from Crave Interiors
8. Cupcake, $99 per 10 metre roll – from Crave Interiors
9. Gili Islands, price on request – from Little Hands

Please see individual stores for shipping costs.

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