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Written by Raquel

Sure, the Easter Bunny may have been, but not all treats come wrapped in foil. Nope, the best ones last more than a moment, don’t rot your teeth and create oodles of fun. Here’s a few eco friendly ones I’ve stumbled across this month – enjoy!

 The Green Guide April 2012: Eco Friendly Gifts For KidsThe Green Guide April 2012: Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids


1. Paul Ocepek’s Art Thingys give kids’ walls a rev up, but don’t expect anything twee or cutesy. Do expect eco friendly Baltic birch plywood and playfully fresh graphics on a clever pop-out 3D design – cool!

2. Don’t be so quick to write the beanbag off as a tired ol’ retro flashback. A quick glance at Ferm Living’s kid cool update of the iconic sac may have you reconsidering any 60s décor aversions. Made from organic cotton, it’s worth noting that aside from looking awesome, the kids will dig ‘em for kicking back on and, ahem, diving onto!

3. Colours with plenty of POW and style that’s totally NOW, oh yes, these smart organic canvas shoes are perfect foot fodder for revved up tikes .. slip ‘em on and watch ‘em go go go.

4. Hmmm, gum dispenser = tooth decay, shape dispenser = lots of sorting fun! Turn the star on the cutely coined Gatcha Gatcha and out pops a candy hued assortment of wooden shapes to tickle the kids play buds.

5. What type of underwear do lil’ city hipsters like to get around in? Perhaps something retro-cool like Bluebelle’s new range of New York knickers, that are a smart match for their equally spunky organic bamboo knee-high socks.

6. Dominoes has branched out into a whole new Wonderworld of fun with this clever outgrowth of the old classic .. made from sustainable wood, kids follow the simple rules of the original game whilst trying not to topple their growing creation.

7. Melbourne artist Sunday Ganim’s aim – inspired by her nephew’s birth – was nothing short of creating the best baby blanket she could. I think you’ll agree, her gorgeous merino wool snugglies are a dreamily divine success!

8. Hut up’s woollen felt lovelies could be mistaken for something out of a Pixar film – from jackets to baby cocoons, this imaginative collection has just a hint of the cartoonish about it, realised in organic forms and sugary shades that are as sweet as baby.

9. High chair’s haven’t always been the most aesthetically pleasing addition to dining rooms .. until now. Spanish design firm CuldeSac’s OVO chair not only looks a treat, with gorgeously turned wooden legs supporting an organically shaped shell, but exceeds beyond pretty appearances to deliver a longer product life cycle: remove the adjustable tray, footrest and leg extensions and you’re left with a chair older kids can continue to use.

10. Rocket’s rule! Uh huh, bog standard wooden rulers may not exactly send kids’ imaginations into orbit, but these unique measurers are sure to measure up to their sense of fun!


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