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Remember being a little kid and sorting through your beloved teddy bears each evening to decide which ones you’d cuddle up to that night?  I do – I’d take my teddies on picnics and in the car on long car rides, and to friends’ houses on playdates.  My kids love soft toys too, which means I can continue to indulge my love of snuggly teddy bears vicariously through them.  And now I’ve found The Soft Toy Shop – www.softtoyshop.com.au – I know just where to source a fabulous selection at great prices.

Bound to excite children and parents alike, The Soft Toy Shop carries a huge range of teddy bears in all shapes and sizes, along with jungle animals, plush dolls, farm animals and much more.  I love the traditional bears such as Freddie and Louie, and I know for a fact my Master A (aged 4) would be besotted with Monty the soft toy dog. Dinosaur Rex would probably be little Master J’s pick, although he’d probably be quite taken with the Delta soft doll too – he’s not one to be put off by gender stereotypes, and the plush dolls on offer at The Soft Toy Shop are utterly gorgeous. Even as I look at the toys on offer I’m mentally ticking off items for all the little children I need to buy gifts for this year; everything here is both adorable and affordable!

Until 21 May 2012,  when you spend $50 or more at The Soft Toy Shop you will receive FREE shipping.  Enter the code KSFOFFER at checkout to redeem the offer. Just think of all the snuggly best friends you can buy for your children, and the gifts you can put away for all the other kids on your birthday list this year! 

The Soft Toy Shop: Your Child's New Best Friend + FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50!

1. Dinosaur Rex Blue, $8.99
2. Doll Suzie, $13.99
3. Teddy Bear Fabric Prince Rattle, $6.99
4. Giraffe Thomas Blue, $8.99
5. Teddy Bear Louie Beige, $16.99
6. Doll Delta, $13.99
7. Baby Mat Teddy Bear Brown Blue, $37.99
8. Sheep Larry 17cm Cream, $6.99
9. Soft Toy Dog Monty Light Brown, $6.99
10. Teddy Bear Best Friends, $8.99
11. Teddy Bear Get Well, $8.99
12. Teddy Bear Freddie Light Brown, $5.99

The Soft Toy Shop normally ships Australia-wide for a flat rate of $9.95.  Please see the Shipping & Returns page for more information.


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