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The summer holidays are wonderful – the kids are home and there are usually lots of things to do and people to see.

Occasionally, for everyone’s sanity, there is the need for some ‘pyjama days’ when your family can chill at home and recharge the batteries. These days are often more enjoyable if you can encourage the kids to get involved in some crafty activities to keep their hands busy and mind at peace.

Making things with their hands that require some drawing, cutting, stringing or pasting are all great activities to develop fine motor skills and can also be a great source of pride and achievement. So, we hope that you can take inspiration from these sunny crafty projects, and remember that you can always take a quick spin through our archives for more great ideas.

Make It Crafty: Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Project links (clockwise from top left):

Noodle Marble Run from myhomespunthreads
Cardboard Box House from sayyestohoboken
Embellished Glasses from rufflesandstuff
Sandcastle from parentingourkids
Shell Mobile from marthastewart
Robot Faces from reciciandoenlaescuela
Self Portrait from JustB
DIY Playdough from modernparentmessykids
Water Balloon PiƱata from scraphappyheather

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