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A wonderful world opens up when children enter our lives. We become absorbed in their perfect little beings and hope to create a childhood for them full of love, wonderment and whimsy.

With another year well underway, the school holidays finishing and the routines of life becoming more settled, it is good to be reminded of the whimsy that has entered our lives again via our children. Small toys, lots of glitter, full moons, fluffy clouds, birthday parties, reading nooks and little snoring.

May your new year be filled with whimsy and wonder and your children’s lives be filled with full moons and fluffy clouds.

Moodboard - February 2013: In The Mood For A Little Whimsy

Image Credits (clockwise from top left):

Wee Mouse Tin House from ohsweetbabies
Reading Nook from beautifulness
Baby Sleeping from lasillaturquesa
Glitter Girl from zsazsabellagio
Cloud Lanterns from elementalled
Personalised Party Decor from hiphiphooray
Chalk Drawn Moon from 79ideas


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