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My kids have an uncanny ability to spot an upcoming trend a mile away. Their most recent love is Text Bands™ –, a revolutionary and unique product from Hallmark. They’re all about kids exchanging messages or even jokes with a simple fist bump, hand shake or high five, all without the need of a smart-phone or iPod.

Simply create the message, then exchange it with a friend through a simple interaction and the message will appear on your friend’s screen. Kids can create a 10 character message to share at anytime, and their band can store 24 different messages all up.

Text Bands are available in two starter kits, retailing for $14.99 each. Each starter kit includes a purple or charcoal coloured Text Band. Hallmark also offers eight Interchangeable Fashion Bands that allow kids to showcase their style. Each band retails for $5.99 and is sold separately. The range is available directly from Hallmark’s Online Shop.


Text Bands: Helping Kids Say It Their Way



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