Cool Craft Projects for Kids: Craft Projects For Boys (And Girls)
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Crafty creations can cause a lot of mess and muddle, but there is no denying that  making stuff and experimenting with materials are a favourite pastime with many of our little ones. In addition to the obvious pleasure it brings, cutting, pasting, building and tearing things up can help with the development of fine motor skills.

We love encouraging a little mess and muddle with a selection of  crafty projects each month. This month we have a selection of projects for the boys, but of course they are just as much fun for the girls as well. Gak, goop, sliding, digging, building and flying are all part of the fun.

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Cool Craft Projects for Kids: Craft Projects For Boys (That Girls Will Love Too)

Project Links

Nerf gun shooting range from busykidshappymom
Straw plane from busykidshappymom
Bubble Snakes from housingaforest
Elephant Toothpaste ABC Surfing Scientist
Gak! from cometogetherkids
Robots from thatartistwoman
Cardboard slide from thecontemplativecreative
Giant Ice Cube from crumbbums


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