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As has become tradition over the past few years, I was privileged to speak with Oobi Baby & Kids – – head designer Alexandra Riggs about the inspiration behind Oobi’s latest fashion collection for babies, boys and girls. This season, Autumn-Winter 2013, sees Alex draw her inspiration from the city of light and love, Paris, France, and her childhood memories of storybook character ‘Madeline’ to create a thoroughly unique and distinctly Oobi collection that parents and children alike will adore.

I would like to also take this opportunity to congratulate Oobi Baby & Kids on taking out the number one place in the 2012 KidStyleFile Annual Reader Survey Favourite Childrenswear Label category for the 5th time in a row. Beating out serious competition from well-known and high-calibre fashion labels, and endorsed by KidStyleFile readers via free-text fields in the survey, this is an outstanding result for Oobi, and it confirms that the place that Oobi occupies in the hearts of Australian parents is indisputably number one.

Without further, ado, I’ll now hand you over to Alex from Oobi, so you can get a insight into what inspires this beloved designer. Enjoy! ~ Angela.


Hi Everyone! Thank you, Ange, for allowing me to share with you Oobi’s new season designs, inspiration and an extra special behind the scenes video of the Oobi Autumn/Winter 2013 photo shoot (scroll to the bottom to view).

I have been lucky to have a job that has enabled me to wander the streets of Paris in the last few years and I love getting lost in the sights, sounds and smells of this incredible city. This season, AW13, the Oobi 2013 collection has been inspired by all things French. Colours, cuts, retro shapes and that certain timeless style we all find so utterly charming. All this made me reminisce on my childhood memories of the storybook  ‘Madeline’, which I so loved as a child – and still do!

I love the way Parisians look dressed up, even when they dress down, and I’ve embodied this in this season’s collection. I hope you’ll get a thrill seeing your child dressed in Oobi, even when they’re not dressed up for a special occasion. I think it’s the little details that make the every day special: a sweet scarf; patchwork squares on sweater sleeves; a divine print on the underlay of a hat. All these little things make for a big impact; I’ve popped these kinds of details everywhere, and I hope that when you notice them, you know I’m thinking of you.

Ooh, I’m getting so sentimental about the fun I had designing this range!  Thanks for listening to me reminisce. I love the fact you’re all as passionate about the designs as I am and I’m happy to think that yet again you’ll have the most distinctive and stylish dressed children this Autumn and Winter.  Back to work now – time to start on the winter 2014 collection!

With Lots of Oobi Love,

Alex xxx


Oobi Luella Dress

A classic 1950s shift cut with some subtle Oobi-licious touches. Think girls in a Parisian playground after school on an Autumn evening. Playing games handed down by their grandmothers. Every Luella matches back with all three retro Annie shirts for stylish warmth this season. It reminds me very much of a dress that I had as a little girl and of course of “Madeline” the girl from the storybooks that I love so much.

Oobi Baby & Kids Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: Interview with Alex Riggs - The French Connection

 Oobi Luella Dressavailable for ages 0-8 years, $59.95. Pictured in Grassy (left) and Navy (right). Also available in Scarlet colour way. 

Oobi Rosebud Winter Cape

Seeing a giggle (so much cuter than a gaggle) of schoolgirls all lined up outside a ballet school in their colourful capes prompted me to create the Oobi Rosebud Winter Cape. I felt so privileged to see a real glimpse into another world and I’m so obsessed by ballet and ballerinas; again, something that’s stayed with me from my childhood.

A wonderful combination of style and function means you can throw our Rosebud Cape over any outfit quickly for extra protection during cooler Autumn and Winter days yet not forego the stand-out-from-the-crowd stylish colourful silhouette. So Oobi! I guarantee you will melt the first time you see your daughter with her face peeking out from under the beautiful Rosebud hood!

Oobi Baby & Kids Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: Interview with Alex Riggs - The French Connection

Oobi Rosebud Winter Capeavailable for ages 0-8 years, $69.95. Pictured in Scarlet (left) and Grassy (right). Also available in Navy and Blossom (pink) colour ways.

The Maxine Cardigan and Ginger Skirt: A marriage made in heaven

This design and colour combination outfit is the very essence of my belief in letting children still be children. I receive so many messages from mums who also feel this philosophy is important and it will always be a guiding principle for Oobi. Our new pear print Ginger skirt matches back with Maxine cardis as does the sweet navy with white spot. The Ginger skirt is full of sweet touches that I show my personality – I’m a real “attention to detail” type! The sash is double-sided so that when you tie a bow it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The fabrics are contrasting but complimentary and there are a few signature Oobi button motifs just to ice the cake. I love that you can throw the Rosebud cape over this outfit too – just mix and match.

Oobi Baby & Kids Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: Interview with Alex Riggs - The French Connection

Maxine Cardigan, for ages 0-8 years, $44.95  Pictured from left to right in Scarlet (worn with the Madison Scarlet Stripe Dress, for ages 0-8 years, $39.95), Sky and Scarlet, once more. Also available in Grassy/Green, Navy/Blue and Blossom/Pink.

Ginger Skirt, for ages 0-8 years, $49.95. Pictured in Navy Dot print (centre) and Winter Pear print (right). 

Oobi Sienna Dress

A confession. Officially the lovely layered Sienna dress was inspired by playing with contrasting textures. Unofficially it was my face glued to the windows of various Patisseries gazing longingly at row upon row of colourful cakes. Ah, research, research, research…yum yum.

Oobi Baby & Kids Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: Interview with Alex Riggs - The French Connection

Oobi Sienna Dress, available for ages 0-8 years, $49.95, pictured in Blossom/pink (left), Navy (centre) and Scarlet (right).

The Boys

There’s an incredible flea market north of the Paris city centre. Think trinkets, toys, knickknacks, antique this and retro that. It was overcast with a sprinkling of rain (maybe that’s where the Splish Splash raincoats came from!) and rather cold too. I’d explored every single row for hours.

I was having a rest and a large bowl of hot chocolate and was ready to go when a swarm of the most charming little French boys arrived and proceeded to shatter the peace (and the stallholder’s nerves) with their exuberance and energy. They were into everything and the market came alive in a blur of blues, greens, reds, hats and scarves. The quieter ones (Lucas, Cameron and Nicholas) headed for the comics and the rest (Noah, Ethan, Flynn, Lachlan, Harry and Jack) just headed everywhere. This experience basically inspired the whole boys range this season!

The Oobi boys range this season is uniquely Oobi: comfortable, stylish and fun. I love that you can create looks with our boy’s clothing to really suit your own Little Oobi’s temperament, style and personality, and all the pieces mix-and-match with last season’s winter lines beautifully.

Oobi Baby & Kids Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: Interview with Alex Riggs - The French Connection

Pictured from left to right: Oobi Ethan Hoodie in Navy, for ages 00-7 years, $59.95; Oobi Noah Jacket in Navy, for ages 0-8 years, $79.95; Oobi Harry Olive Vest for ages 0-8 years, $49.95 worn over Oobi Mister Tee Drops print, for ages 00-8 years, $34.95; Oobi Mister Tee Stripes, for ages 00-8 years, $34.95, worn with Oobi Chunky Pocket Scarf in Petrol, OSFA, $29.95. Oobi Boys Skinny Jeans, for ages 1-6 years, $54.95, worn with all tops and accessories.

Behind the Scenes on the Oobi Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Photoshoot


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