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There is nothing like the cooler days of autumn and winter to inspire me get cosy and comfy and to feather our wee nest with lovely things. Perhaps it is the reverse of spring cleaning,  Autumn nesting? Anyhow, there are so many lovely things on Etsy that can the choices can sometimes seem overwhelming. Luckily, one of our favourite things to do is to explore Etsy and uncover an amazing world of handmade goodness. Here is a wonderful selection of woodland loveliness, charming children’s toys and hair pins and soft cushions, perfect for wintry comfort.

We have a wonderful archive of Esty goodness so be sure to check our archives for more Besty of Etsy inspiration.

Besty of Etsy : Handmade Treasures for Babies & Kids, April 2013

1. Ginger Rabbit $US48.00 from Macheanimal
2. Antler girl art doll GDP190.00 from Flor
3. Kids red fox scarf E45.00 from TreMelarance
4.  Stripe Wienie Dog Floor pillow cover $US48 from WrenandRumor
5. Vintage Building Blocks $US85.00 from sushipotvintage
6. Mr Rabbit – articulated paper doll set $US10.00 from minifanfan
7.  Hairpin crown $US10.00 from dariami
8. Paris umbrella sticky tape GDP8.20 from belleandboo
9.  Set of 3 Scrabble Letter pillow covers $US54.00 from countercouturedesign
10.  Floor cushion $US50 from KaiRajKids

Please visit each seller for postage and delivery information to your location.


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