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A warm jacket or coat for kids – and indeed adults – is an absolute must for autumn and winter. Even when it’s cold and wintry it’s important for us to spend time outside in the fresh air. A cosy jacket or coat keeps the wind at bay and prevents the chill from seeping into the bones, making outdoor pursuits in the colder months not only possible, but pleasurable.

We’ve rounded up the  Top 20 best winter jackets and coats for kids to make it easier for you to pick and purchase the perfect one.

KidStyleFile Roundup: Top 20 Best Jackets and Coats for Kids, Autumn/Winter 2013

1. Eves Sister Laundry Jacket Buckets & Spades $89.95
2. One Red Fly Zip Jacket Buckets & Spades $99.00
3. RBelle by Scotch and Soda Suede Teddy Lining A Line Jacket Buckets & Spades $287.95
4. Milky Puffer Jacket Little Boo-Teek $44.95
5. Freshbaked Boys Charcoal Marle Duffle Coat Purely 4 Kids $79.95
6. Paper Wings Quilted Overcoat Purely 4 Kids $149.95
7. Sudo Untouchable Jacket Skip to My Lou $119.00 $89.25
8. Mini Rodini Biker Jacket Skip to My Lou $105.00 $78.75
9. Oobi – Emma Cherry Blossom Duffle Coat with Toggles Design Child $89.95
10. Hatley Raincoat Fire Truck The Enchanted Child $52.95
11. Munster Madness Jacket – Orange Charlie’s Bucket $94.95
12. Littlehorn Empire Coat – Army Charlie’s Bucket $89.95
13. minti duffle coat Little Pinwheel $99.95
14. Baobab Denim Jacket $54.95
15. Chalk n Cheese Military Coat – Pink Cashmere $189.95
16. Bebe Luca navy woolen peacoat  Little Styles $79.95
17. KidCuteTure Silvia Jacket Charcoal Raindrop and Roses $98.00
18. Eternal Creation Rose Double Breasted Coat $85.00
19. eeni meeni miini moh Jacket – Paddington (Sorbet) $139.95
20. e3-M Jacket – Fur Hood (Coffee) From: $139.95

See individual stores for shipping costs, and be sure to check out KidStyleFile’s ‘All Current Deals’ page to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


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