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Music has played a pivotal role in human society throughout time, and it’s role has been noted throughout history. As a medium for story telling, a representation of emotion or just as a plaything, it has been and continues to be a universal language that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Children love experimenting with sound, but there comes a time when your kitchen saucepans and utensil drawer don’t really cut it anymore. They’ll be scouting for something that provides a little more noise, so why not channel it into an instrument that can be enjoyed by all whilst stimulating their minds. Today we bring you KidStyleFile’s Top 20 Best Musical Instruments for Kids. Get your music on!

KidStyleFile Roundup: Top 20 Best Musical Instruments for Kids

1. Plan Toys Wooden Musical Band Drum Set Metro Mum, $104.00 SALE $93.60
2. Wooden Slide Whistle My Wooden Toys, $6.95
3. Aiersi Kids Splendor Ukulele – Soprano Size Ukulele Mate, $69.95 SALE $49.95
4. Musical Toy Instrument Collection My Wooden Toys, $25.95 SALE $23.95
5. HABA ~ Terra Kids – Musical Gears Where Did You Get That?, $67.95
6. John Crane Pink Recorder Bubba Funk, $14.95 SALE $9.00
7. John Crane Blue Mini Tambourine Bubba Funk, $11.95 SALE $7.00
8. Xylophone Sweet Creations, $24.95
9. Janod confetti musical harmonica Lime Tree Kids, $8.95
10. Red Button Accordion Lark, $44.95
11. Tidlo Toys – Musical Instruments The Iconic, $69.95
12. Sevi Portable Music Centre Scallyoop, $84.95
13. Happy face maraca – red Little Styles, $6.95
14. Sevi Acoustic Guitar Scallyoop, $89.95
15. Blue Ribbon Toys Rhythm Band Set Hello Charlie, $49.95
16. EverEarth Flip Over Triangle Musical Set Urban Baby, $32.95
17. EverEarth Music Play Table Urban Baby, $94.95
18. Kids solid walnut kalimba etsy, $25.00
19. Sevi piano Yogee Toys, $154.90
20. Design Child soldier toy drum Design Child, $36.95

See individual stores for shipping costs, and be sure to check out KidStyleFile’s ‘All Current Deals’ page to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


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