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Human beeings have been making things since the start of time when we made everything we used with our own hands. These days, with so many things ready-made for us, the need to make things ourselves by hand is no longer a necessity. Despite this, the skills and satisfaction we gain from making things by hand are important and immeasurable.

Craft projects are a great way to keep your hand in, so to speak. Craft projects are a wonderful learning tool for children, helping them understand colours and shapes, demonstrating scientific processes, improving their fine motor skills and giving them an outlet to express their creativity and imagination. Winter is on its way so we have rounded up some cool craft projects for kids to help keep them happily occupied on rainy days.

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Make It Crafty: Cool Craft Projects for Kids

Please click links below for more information on each project.

Project links (clockwise from top left)

Foodie face plates from beautifulness
Edible play dough from stayathomemum
Fun paper glasses from giddygiddy
DIY felt crown from hellobee
Potato stamp towel from bkids
Wind up paper butterfly from youaremyfave
Learn to knit from themagiconions
Washi Crowns from craftandcreativity
Sumo bowling pins from sugaranddots
Paper mache elephant from smallworldland


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