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Even though, as an adult, I have read many inspiring books of importance, they hold no higher position in my heart than the books I read in my childhood.

Writing books for children is surely as difficult as writing books for grown-ups, if not more so. Creating a story to be read by children must be carried out with great care. It must not unreasonably scare the target audience or overstep social mores, while at the same time respecting the intelligence and capturing the imagination of the child. Because it is such a difficult task, the number of universally loved children’s novels occupy a relatively small space on the bookshelf of all written material.

It was therefore undeniably ambitious that two award winning authors of books for adults, Heather Rose and Danielle Wood, together departed the world of grown up stories for the realm of children’s literature under the moniker Angelica Banks.

The first Angelica Banks penned book in a planned series, Finding Serendipity: A Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventure, follows central character Tuesday into the world of the written word, a place where stories are formed and come to life. Accompanied by her trusty dog, Baxterr (with two Rs), Tuesday goes in search of her author mother, Serendipity, but instead finds herself writing her own story as she meets a range of strong characters including Vivienne Small, Blake Luckhurst and dread pirate Mothwood.

A story of friendship and inner strength, Finding Serendipity evokes the spirit of some of the finest children’s authors – Roald Dahl in the way that the young characters are smart, strong and capable – and Lewis Carroll for the malleable, whimsical world that the characters inhabit.

While the lead characters are female, there’s plenty of adventure in Finding Serendipity to appeal to boys, too, including a gruesome band of pirates (one of which who comes back from the dead – truly grotesque), seafaring adventures and a winged dog.

I read Finding Serendipity: A Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventure, aloud to my two 8 year olds and they were riveted every night until completion, proclaiming at the end “That was the best story ever“. We can’t wait for the next Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventure.

Finding Serendipity: A Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventure, by Angelica Banks, is available online from Fishpond for $15.99 including Australia-wide delivery.

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