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It might be the English teacher in me, but the activity I most enjoy sharing with my kids is the simple act of cuddling in close and reading stories. Now 3, my twins love to grab a book off their bookshelf and bring it to me read to them. Though with space at a premium, I have resorted to stacking the books behind and on top of each other, meaning some books are on high-rotation (read: I know them word-by word) whilst others, despite their imaginative stories and beautiful images, are often neglected.

Enter Melbourne-based Ubabub – – and their super stylish Booksee Bookshelf system. Known for their design-led children’s furniture and artworks, the clever folks at Ubabub have recently developed an aesthetically-pleasing shelving system that allows children’s books to be prominently displayed face-forward.

The Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf allows all those beautifully illustrated books to shine by clearly showcasing their covers through the thick, clear acrylic. The slim profile is designed to encourage safety – books are securely held in place by the ‘lip’ of the shelf – while allowing¬†children to easily see, reach and enjoy their books.

Each Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf measures 22cm high, 90cm wide and 7cm deep. The Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf is sold in a set of two for $199.00 from The Baby Closet.

Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf : Kids Books Clearly On Show


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