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In the warm summer holidays of my youth, my brother and I would lie back on the roof of our cubby house as the sun went down and watch the stars come to life one by one until the Milky Way appeared in all its glory. We could identify the Southern Cross and Orion super quick. We fashioned rocketships out of cast-off cardboard boxes and created space helmets out of ice-cream buckets, planning our trips to the moon with intricate care.

Living in suburbia makes the nights a little different for my own children. The lights of the city blanket much of the sky revealing only the brightest stars. Despite this, the night sky is still as breathtaking for them as is for me. Only yesterday, my daughter and son practiced their moonwalk across our living room (Neil Armstrong style NOT, Michael Jackson). They too talk about travelling to the moon – perhaps it will be a reality for them one day.

In homage to space, the final frontier, we go Out of This World with our  Top 20 Best Space Themed Products For Kids.

KidStyleFile Roundup: Out of This World - Top 20 Best Space Themed Products For Kids

  1. Shatterproof Space Mirror Set Scoops Design Hard to Find $85.00
  2. Djeco 3D Up To Space Where Did You Get That? $27.95
  3. Snugglebum Star Rocket Long John Buckets & Spades $39.95
  4. Olli Ella Moon Rug Metro Mum $299.00
  5. SPACE HOPPER Infancy $24.95
  6. Little Lamb Wish Upon a Star Pendant Necklace Nestling $45.00
  7. Outer Space MINI Wall Stickers Little Chipipi $39.95 ( as seen on The Block)
  8. forwalls Outta Space Storage Hamper Shop for Tots $59.84 $34.95
  9. Lama Li Vintage Planet Garland Polka Shop for Tots $20.90 $9.95
  10. Mini and Maximus Tiger on the Moon Sweatshirt Tee – Natural Charlie’s Bucket $59.95
  11. Donna Wilson Moon Cushion Charlie’s Bucket $139.95
  12. Homewares Star Spangled Bunting in Pink One Sunday $19.95
  13. Danica Studios Bib- space Bubba Funk $12.95 $9.06
  14. I’m Toy Space Pinball Urban Baby $84.95
  15. Janod Giant Magnetic Rocket Urban Baby $99.00
  16. Hug a planet cushion Down That Little Lane $59.95
  17. Mars Explorer Square Cushion Down That Little Lane $34.95
  18. Snurk Astronaut Doona Cover The Little Kidz Closet $159.95
  19. Astronaut Child Costume Costume One $59.50

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