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On September 1, Dads all across Australia will wake up to the excited shouts of their children as they are presented with a number of handmade gifts, wrapped with love, that have been hidden away for just this occasion. It is a day where fathers across our nation are celebrated.

The way to my husband’s heart is through his stomach. Now that my children are a little older, we have started becoming quite creative in the kitchen. Father’s Day lends itself to the creation of all types of yummy goodies for those with a sweet tooth or for those who prefer savory (or both!).

To help you make Father’s Day a wonderful celebration this September, we have searched far and wide to bring you our Top Dozen Father’s Day Food Treats. Let us know if you whip any of them up with your kidlets.

KidStyleFile Roundup : Father's Day 2013 Food Treats

  1. Fathers Day Cake I am Baker
  2. Moustache Cupcake Oh Sweet Day
  3. Fast Food Fun Bakerella
  4. Necktie Cookie on a Stick Munchkin Munchies
  5. Moustachwich Little Food Junctions
  6. Dad Sugar Cookies Martha Stewart
  7. Chocolate caramel brownie hearts Taste
  8. Pop’s Personalized Pretzels Spoonful
  9. Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper Printables The Idea Room
  10. Homemade Ho Hos Living Locurto
  11. Happy Father’s Day to All Those No.1 Dads! Embellish
  12. Dog Cake Pops {} Yummy Project


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