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Welcome to Spring!

If you have been feeling an extra bounce in your step lately and are buoyed by the blossoms all around, then perhaps you’re inspired t0 Spring clean the kids rooms. Out with the old and in with the new, now is the perfect time for a little kids room redux.

We all know how much stuff our little ones can accumulate, so why not do some cathartic de-cluttering and sweeten the deal with a bedroom make-over? Kids rooms are the perfect place to go bold with colours and patterns and there are literally thousands of fabulous prints, posters, wall stickers and artworks that you can use to dress the walls. Why not branch out and embrace the ceiling, too. Mobiles, hanging decorations and fabric applications all contribute to making a space that looks and feels wonderful.

Before you can enjoy the ultimate fun of decorating your child’s room, de-cluttering the space is a must. This can be a daunting thought, but it is, in fact, a manageable task. Grab five boxes and label them Keep, Store, Sell, Donate, Dispose. Pop some inspiring music on and start filing all items appropriately as you go. Whether you have an hour or a full day to invest into the task I promise you will make a dent, and the results will make you, and your child, feel fantastic.

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KidStyleFile Mood Board September 2013: Spring Clean Kids Rooms

Room links (top to bottom, left to right)

Life through the round window via thescoialitefamily
French playroom via thesocialitefamily
Tree wallpaper via Fine Little Day
Playroom swing via funathomewithkids
Nursery via planetedecor
Burst of orange via apartmenttherapy
Bright yellow wall via lifethrualens
Wall illustration by Beatrice Alemagna via thetopsyturvybook
Twinkle curtain via Etsy

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