KidStyleFile Roundup : Halloween Costumes, Tricks and Treats 2013
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Historically, Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve has been celebrated since around the 16th century. Some suggest it originates from Celtic harvest festivals and festivals of the dead. In many countries around the world, the October 31 is celebrated with a number of traditions including trick or treating, pumpkin carving, costume parties and lots of ghoulish antics.

The lure of dress-ups and sweets is hard to resist, and over the last decade the contemporary practices of Halloween have begun to filter into many Australian suburbs. If you enjoy joining with the festivities, you will love today’s round-up of awesome Halloween costumes and yummy treats (some with a tricky edge).

Want more Halloween themed ideas? Check out our Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids feature and head over to Fairytale Treasures for 15% off all Halloween costumes until 23 October 2013.

KidStyleFile Roundup : Halloween Costumes, Tricks and Treats 20132Halloween18102013

  1. Little Ninja Costume Fairytale Treasures
  2. Snail Costume Oh Happy Days
  3. Pink Owl Costume Pure Joy Events
  4. DIY Mummies Bead & Cord
  5. Monster Bash Fiskars
  6. The Force Was With Us Yellow Pear
  7. Skeleton Costume Craft Passion
  8. Bat Costume Alpha Mom
  9. Hocus Pocus Halloween Witch Hat All Free Sewing
  10. Mask Making Whip it Up
  11. My Sweet Little Vampires Sweet Sugar Belle
  12. Spider Bites The Domestic Rebel
  13. Witch Hat Cake Pops CandiQuik
  14. Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood Hungry Happenings
  15. Monster Mallowpops Yummy Project
  16. Candy Character Martha Stewart
  17. Glowing Ghost Cupcakes Say it with Cake
  18. Vampire Bat Cake Cookies and Cups
  19. Crispy Chocolate Coconut Ghosts A Spicy Perspective
  20. Vampire Teeth Cookies Just a Pinch

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