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Naturally, now seems the perfect time to head outside and enjoy some greenery before it gets to hot or the green turns to brown. But really any time is the perfect time to bundle your children up and head outside for a little fun in the natural world. Sometimes you needn’t get further than your back yard or local park, but heading out the door with a plan can uncover some great adventures.

There are lots of blogs and websites around that offer tips on how you can make adventures in nature fun from natural scavenger hunts, rolling down hills, making mud pies or just heading to the beach to find out what is living in the rock pools. If you are looking for a longer field trip the national parks websites are great for finding walks in your state.

So if you in the mood for exploring outdoors with kids then pack a picnic, a bucket or a net and see what interesting creatures, leaves or rocks you can find in the nature around where you live. I promise you’ll come back feeling pleasantly tired, but refreshed, and you’ll all be content to relax for a while once you get home. Double bliss!

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KidStyleFile Mood Board November 2013: In The Mood For Exploring Outdoors With Kids

Image credits (clockwise from top left):

Rockpools at Manly from manlyaustralia
Let’s go catch something from greensamandavery
Boy with flowers on a nature scavenger hunt from handsonaswegrow
Ways to play with nature from modernparentsmessykids
Scavenger hunt from handsonaswegrow
Rolling down hills from handsonaswegrow
Ferngirl from kidsinnatureaustralia

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