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Christmas is such a fun time of year, full of peace on earth and joy to all mankind – at least that is the idea!  We often have a long list of nearest and dearest as well as teachers, child-carers and other people surrounding our families that we would like to give a gift, and that task is not always easy. Fortunately, the excitement of Christmas means that the kids love to get involved, whether its helping with decorations, making treats or getting involved in the gift giving spirit. So, when they have finished writing their list of requests for Santa, why not give them some supplies and ideas and get your own little elves workshop buzzing at your house .

This month’s crafty post is full of Christmas gifts kids can make themselves. They’re colourful, fun and easy enough for little ones to make. Pom poms, washi tape and bees wax can be your new best friends and you will have that long list crossed off in no time.

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Easy Kids Craft Ideas : Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make – November 2013

Project links

1. Pom pom tree decorations from designlovefest
2. Homemade beeswax candles from fimby
3. Reindeer pot from sheknows
4. Felt ball necklace from shishomama
5. Pom pom bouquet from iveyhandcrafted
6. Cookie cutter candles from spoonful
7. Pom pom bookmark from designmom
8. Washi tape pencil holder from redtedart
9. Washi tape notebook and pencils from catchmyparty

Please click on each link above for full project details.


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