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My youngest child started school for the very first time this week. As we left home to walk to school I snatched a pack of tissues for my bag knowing full well there would be tears. My tears. Waving goodbye as she walked off with her new teacher was bittersweet. I was so proud that she has become such a self assured little girl, but a little sad that my baby would no longer be at my side much of the day.

With library starting next week I have been on the search for the perfect library bag. A love of reading is first fostered at home but then needs careful attention at school to ensure it blooms. I figure a great library bag is a great way to declare that reading and books are super cool, so I want one that shouts this loudly for my girl.

We have scouted 15 top library bags for your consideration from across some KidStyleFile’s favourite online boutiques. Most of the bags we have sourced are also water resistant so can double up as a swimming bag too. Hot tip: Check out the Cocoon Couture bags – a steal at $10.00 each.

KidStyleFile Roundup: Best Kids School Library Bags and Kids Swim Bags

  1. Cocoon Couture Tiger Kinder Bag $29.95 $10.00
  2. Bobble Art Kids Swimming/Library Bag – Rocket Shop For Tots $24.95
  3. Spatz Down in the Garden Personalised Library Bag $18.95
  4. Gooie Kids Drawstring Bag – Woodland Mama’s Home $19.95
  5. Tyrrell Katz Swimming/Drawstring Bag – Working Wheels Haggus and Stookles $29.95
  6. Spencil Kids Drawstring Bag – Shoes Haggus and Stookles $12.95
  7. Coq en Pate Fox Rucksack Shop For Tots $19.95
  8. Tranquil Home Scotty dogs kids bag Hard to Find $44.95
  9. Cabin Co. Fly high plane library bag Hard to Find $29.95
  10. Stuck on You® Personalised Library Bags $29.95
  11. Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened Zippered Wet Bag – Fresh Bloom Little Boo-Teek $24.95
  12. TinyMe Personalised Library Bag $29.95
  13. Peppa Pig Patchwork Swim Bag Mini Chatterbox $11.95
  14. Apple and Bee Kids Organic Library Bag – Fox Hello Charlie $29.95
  15. Library Bag (Confetti Girl) Lark $35.00

Please visit each store for postage and delivery information to your location and check the Current Offers page to check for any discount offers that may be applicable to your purchase.


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