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On my last trip to Italy I became aware of the fact that all Italians know style. They know what makes a good line when designing their clothes and they know how to wear even the plainest of staples to make them look fashionable. Mix Italian design with superhero fever and you are certain to create an eye-catching collection.

Le Macchinine – is a design and communication studio based in Italy that specialises in graphics, books, games and textiles that features children’s imagery. Their latest collection Super-Super T-shirts features four animal guides: Super-Lion, Super-Hare, Super-Owl and Super-Fox. Each tee comes with a small cape attached and animal superpowers perfect for brave, fearless mini-heroes. The results are super stylish and totally awesome.

Super-Super FOX provides an extra dose of cleverness to help the wearer quickly escape the things that scare them. Super-Super LION provides courage. Super-Super OWL is for those that are afraid of the dark, protecting your from the things that go bump in the night and helping you sleep. Super-Super HARE is specially printed in either gold or silver so the wearer can shimmer every day.

Super-Super T-shirts are the perfect hybrid tee, compatible as everyday wear or costumes. Your mini superhero will love these. Created from 100% cotton each T-shirt is hand screen-printed. Starting at €29.00 (approximately AUD$43.00), Le Macchinine Super-Super T-shirts are available in sizes 2-7 through the Le Macchinine online boutique.

Le Macchinine Super-Super T-Shirts : For Everyday Super Heroes


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