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Back in high school I regularly wrote to a Japanese penpal. I adored receiving her gorgeous letters not only for news of her adventures but for their divine styling. It was through Minako that I originally learned about Washi tape. Washi tape is a type of paper masking tape that originated in Japan. It is easily ripped with your fingers, but quite hardy.

My fascination with washi tape has recently been rekindled through my discovery of it’s diverse decorating potential. Washi tape has become incredibly popular across the home styling and craft scene over the last couple of years for its durability, functionality and, due to the multitude of colours and patterns in is available in, its ability to up style almost anything.

Today KidStyleFile brings you out top 20 Washi tape hacks to funk up your little one’s room and accessories. Enjoy!

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KidStyleFile Roundup: Top 20 Washi Tape Hacks For Kids

  1. Vintage-Inspired Arrow Decor D.I.Y. Thompson Family
  2. Washi Tape Banner A Golden Afternoon
  3. Minis Marques Tambouille
  4. Washi Your Keyboard Brit + Co.
  5. DIY Washi Hair Clip Spoonful
  6. Washi Tape Puzzles A Pumpkin and a Princess
  7. Washi tape car track Le Jardin de Juliette
  8. My Washi Wall Ann Kelle
  9. Colourful Washi Tape Initial Sas Interiors
  10. Washi Room French by Design
  11. Make-your-own race track Cup of Jo
  12. Mon Village Tambouille
  13. Nesting Tables Get a Fix Design Sponge
  14. Washi Tape House Poppinette
  15. washi tape cross stitch wall mural Crab and Fish
  16. Washi Tape for Your Walls Decor8
  17. Mod Playroom Houzz
  18. A is for Alma Byfryd
  19. Make a playhouse Bkids
  20. Washi Tape Bunting Monogram Letter Tutorial Polka Dot Bride

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