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From early on in my pregnancy I was adamant that we were going to co-sleep when my son arrived. I researched the topic extensively and was convinced that it would be more convenient for breastfeeding, would enhance our bonding and would reduce sleep disturbance for us all. I liked the idea of minimal interruption and the feeling of safety that having my baby so close promised. After further research I decided that our baby would be safest right next to our bed but in his own sleeping space. We placed his bassinet right next to the bed which required me to sit up and lift him out to feed or to settle him. Oh how I wish today’s find existed back then!

Bednest is one of the most advanced and versatile bassinets on the market. Stylish as well as functional, Bednest provides parents with the opportunity to safely co-sleep with their baby without the risks associated with bed sharing. Hosting a number of unique safety features such as a SafeBridge system to ensure there is no gap between the Bednest and your mattress, the Bednest is fully height adjustable to your bed and attaches with straps to ensure stability. You can easily move you bub into your bed for feeding without having to leave it – brilliant! The Bednest frame is height adjustable and can be set on an angle which is great for babies with reflux. It can also be used as an independent bassinet with the sides up fully if you don’t wish your baby to be right next to your bed, or even as a travel bassinet folding flat for easy transportation.

Made in Europe from beech timber, the Bednest package comes complete with adjustable stand, a foam core mattress with washable cover, straps to secure the unit to the parents’ bed and a carry bag for toting your Bednest with you wherever you and your baby go, this is ultimate form and function bassinet every parent should invest in.

Bednest is distributed within Australia by Danish by Design. View Australian stockists of Bednest here.

Bednest : The Ultimate Form and Function Co-Sleeping Bassinet


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