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There are loads of reasons for keeping your kiddos busy with a little crafty fun. Apart from inspiring creativity, craft projects help develop fine motor, concentration, and comprehension skills, and – perhaps best of all – they provide the maker with a great sense of accomplishment.

This month’s selection of easy kids craft ideas embrace weaving and winding: make beautiful sunflowers and bumbling bees with yarn, or make a teepee by winding cloth around some bamboo poles. But wait – there’s more! We have also rounded up some delightful drawing projects, hands-on fun making LEGO snow globes, stepping stones and some awesome fire breathing dragons to ignite your little one’s imagination. There’s enough here to last you all month, but if you’re looking for more easy kids craft ideas that are perfect for little hands you can delve into our easy kids craft ideas archive.

Make It Crafty: Easy Kids Craft Ideas – September 2014

Click each easy kids craft project link below for full information on each project:

1. Sunflowers via spoonful
2. Pete the cat via creativitytakesflight
3. DIY stepping stone via holytempleunderrenovation
4. DIY teepee via mokkasin
5. Lego snowglobes via minieco
6. Learning about perspective via lbrummer
7. Traced portraits via indietutes
8. Yarn wrapped bees via housingafores
9. Handmade cat hangers via llevoelinvierno
10. Fire breathing dragon via babyccinokids


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