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When it comes to toys, dolls are a perennial favourite, consistently being rated within the top ten toys of all time by KidStyleFile readers in the KidStyleFile Annual Reader Survey. A doll offers children the opportunity to practice behaviours learned from parents; caring for, dressing, bathing and feeding, as well as providing valuable companionship and security.

As with most toys there is a scale of quality. Gotz – (pronounced gerts) make among the best dolls in the world. Founded in 1950 in Rödental in Bavaria, Germany where they still make their dolls to this day with quality their highest priority.

All Gotz dolls are designed and created with exceptional attention to detail and have beautifully moulded faces, pleasing proportions, natural skin tones, deep lashed eyes and sewn in top quality washable hair that can be styled endlessly. Gotz doll garments also exhibit fine detail and outstanding quality and there are a vast range of items to choose, with styles updated annually, so that you can dress your doll for any occasion in the current fashion trends. There are also new beautifully accessorised plush Gotz horses in the range: the white one even snuffles – I would have *died* for one of these as a child!

Whatever your doll needs – baby, boy or girl, fair, medium or dark skin tone, blond, brunette or red headed, soft bodied, hard bodied, waterproof – Gotz is your go-to for dolls and Santa’s dream come true.

Check out the magical video below for a taste of Gotz goodness and click through to Australian stockists Little Sprout or Zanui to purchase your Gotz doll and accessories.

Gotz Dolls from Germany : Santa's Dream Come True


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