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Motherhood is a journey defined by the presence of children in our lives. It’s an experience characterised by indescribable joys and sadnesses, small, yet triumphant successes and difficult challenges. We all do it our own way, but the status of ‘mother’ gives all mothers a shared bond.

Being a Mum calls for commitment, tenacity, compassion, a sense of humour and a strong stomach. It requires the ability to wear many hats – carer, healer, advocate, chef, UN negotiator, counsellor, teacher, social co-ordinator, sports coach, driver and more – in quick succession and often simultaneously. There is negligible financial remuneration and there is little public recognition, but there is something that makes motherhood unmatchable in life’s achievements. We are the givers and sustainers of human life. It’s a big responsibility and an enormous privilege.

Whether you have come to motherhood early or late in life, whether you are a biological, adoptive or foster mother, whether you have just given birth or are awaiting the arrival of your little one, we salute you, all mothers before you, and all to come. May you be surrounded by the love and laughter of your children. Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day, 2015.

With love, the KidStyleFile mums xxx

Happy Mother's Day 2015

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Mum carrying child from origenimports
Pregnant Mum from amotherslegacy
Mother and Baby from herokids
Hand painted cupcake from thecupcakeblog
Mother and son from heraldsun
Mary Cassatt painting from actingoutpolitics
Fringe balloons from sweetthingblog


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