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Babies have an uncanny ability to provide you with a new perspective on just about everything, and all it takes is the arrival of a new baby to turn all your concepts about what makes a room comfortable upside down.

DittoHouse – is the brainchild of textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick who had a design epiphany on the arrival of her little boy – good blankets make a happy home. Molly realised that a comfy blanket was an essential element to ensuring a happy home and could be used for a multiple of purposes from a play rug to picnic blanket, a place to snuggle and to keep warm.

Molly quickly put her textile design experience to work, creating modern works of art through her throws and pillow cover designs. Not wanting to harm our precious planet Molly took the extra step to ensure that the rugs were also created sustainably. The yarns used for all DittoHouse products are made from is recycled cotton that has been expertly re-fiberised and spun into new yarn instead of sent to landfill. Bravo, DittoHouse!

The DittoHouse range is available for purchase via the DittoHouse American based online store with delivery to Australia available. DittoHouse products are made to order, so allow up to a fortnight to ship.

DittoHouse : Sustainable Throws and Pillows For Your Ultimate Comfort


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