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Kids love making stuff and sometimes we grown ups might sometimes cringe at the mess, it is a great way of improving manual dexterity and fine motor skills, not to mention the fact it’s fun!

This month’s collection of easy kids craft ideas are a lot of fun for kids and even grown ups as well. There are some very cool instructions on how to make an easy marshmallow catapult, or perhaps balloon tennis – easy to make with some paper plates and a balloon – too easy! If you like a bit of a challenge you could teach the kids how to knit on using their hands or try making a cool dollhouse in a vintage suitcase. Plus lots of other fun crafty projects to try.

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KidStyleFile Loves Kids Craft : Easy Kids Craft Ideas - June 2015

Project links:

1. DIY easel via artbarblog
2. DIY paper plate mask via cococakeland
3. Marshmallow catapult via itsalwaysautumn
4. Balloon tennis via listotic
5. Finger knitting via LittleBirdSos
6. Washi tape road play via smallfryblog
7. Dollhouse in a suitcase via prettyprudent
8. Robot puppets via mericherry

Click each link above for details on each easy craft project.


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