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Winter days can be a lot of fun and days filled with muddy puddles and mugs of hot chocolate often make memories that last a lifetime. But sometimes cloudy skies and rainy days can have us dreaming of spring. So why not fast forward a little in your mind and plan a little spring cleaning of your own. Kids rooms are a lot of fun to decorate and we all know how much stuff they accumulate. In the coming months, why not do some cathartic de-cluttering and sweeten the deal with a bedroom make-over?

Kids rooms are the perfect place to go bold with colours and patterns and there are literally thousands of fabulous prints, posters, wall stickers and artworks that you can use to dress the walls. Why not branch out and embrace the ceiling, too. Mobiles, hanging decorations and fabric applications all contribute to making a space that looks and feels wonderful. To be a little more inspired, check out some of the kids room crushes we have found for you. Here we have lots of cool ideas for storage, reading nooks, climbing walls and loads of colour. There can be nothing more fun than moving the furniture around a little or hanging some new art on the wall and the kids will be love it too!

KidStyleFile Mood Board July 2015: Kids Room Crush

Image credits (clockwise from top left)

White cupboard from petitevanou
Climbing wall from coochicoos
Montessori floor board from rockroseswine
Print and pattern from thisisnotmylifeforever
Sunroom from theselby
Landscape paintings from sabbespot
Funny side up from emilyaclark


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