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Cooking is a fantastic activity to do with your children. Not only can they learn and practice a whole range of skills, it can also give them an understanding of food and where it all comes from. Making food fun is one of the best strategies for helping kids be good eaters and by getting them involved in the making of their food they are more inclined to try, eat and enjoy what’s on offer. Yes cooking with kids can be a messy business but most children will agree that mess is fun! What is cooking if not just a craft activity where you can eat the end product! Today we have gathered together for you some fun goodies to make and eat with your kids.

KidStyleFile Loves Food : Cooking With Kids

1. Healthy Banana Sushi – Creative and Healthy Fun Food

2. Easy Rainbow PrCookinetzel Wands – Mom On Time Out

3. Jelly Fluff – Picklebums

4. Glass Block Jelly – Our Best Bites

5. Frozen Banana Penguins – Reading Confetti

6. Marbled Eggs – My Kid Craft

7.  Apple Cars – Bent On Better Lunches

8. Monster Cookies – Red Ted Art

9. Unicorn Poop Cookies – Kids Activities Blog

10. Flower Power Eggs – Apron Strings

11. Rainbow Pasta – Tablespoon


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