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At my daughter’s preschool the play dough table is always a popular hang out. Her wonderful teachers do an amazing job of changing up the activity everyday with different colours, textures and scents to create a truly multi-sensory experience. By playing with play dough children learn about coordination, they practice their vital motor skills and they strengthen their muscles as they roll, squeeze, poke, knead and shape the dough into all sorts of things. Of course the kids don’t see it this way – to them its just a lot of fun.

Having a range of extra props and tools at hand extends the play possibilities even further. Add googly eyes and pipe cleaners and you can create strange alien creatures, a few pebbles, sticks and flowers and a fairy garden appears. Other bits and pieces to use include buttons, pasta shapes, pop sticks, shells, wooden letters, glass pebbles, feathers and beads. Have at the ready some tools like rolling pins, a garlic crusher, cookie cutters, stamps and other shapes and don’t forget toy vehicles, plastic animals and other figurines!

The possibilities of play dough are endless and we have collected together here just a handful of ideas to inspire you. Why not try a few… or make up your own.


KidStyleFile Loves Craft : Perfect PlayDough

  1. Stretchy Night Sky Play Dough via Two Daloo
  2. Homemade Peppermint Play Dough Recipe via Mommy in Sports
  3. Lavender Play Dough Recipe via The Imagination Tree
  4. Gingerbread Play Dough via Hip2Save
  5. Metallic Sparkly Crayon Play Dough via Sugar Aunts
  6. Flower Play Dough via Nurture Store
  7. Jello Play Dough via Homemade Ginger
  8. Natural Sand Play Dough via Creative Playhouse
  9. Balance Play Dough via The How To Mom


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