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Kids love being busy and the perfect way to channel their enthusiasm is to give them some crafty projects to focus on. It is a great idea to find some craft projects that are age appropriate and that your kids enjoy. They can also help develop fine motor skills and concentration and best of all – they provide the maker with a great sense of accomplishment.

This month’s selection of easy kids craft ideas embrace simple weaving projects, lion masks, milk carton planters, party hats and egg carton whales. There are enough projects here to last you all month, but if you’re looking for more easy kids craft ideas that are perfect for little hands you can delve into our easy kids craft ideas archive.

KidStyleFile Loves Kids Craft : Easy Kids Craft Ideas – September 2015

Project links

1. Weaving with kids via artbarblog
2. Pineapple crayons via tellloveandchocolate
3. Egg carton whale via iheartcraftythings
4. DIY playdough via modernparentsmessykids
5. Paper cup party cups via poppytalk
6. Stegosaurus socks via happytogetherbyjess
7. Milk carton planters via pysselbolaget
8. Lion mask by handmadecharlotte


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