Australian and New Zealand Babywearing Week 2015
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Calling all parents across Australia and New Zealand who love to carry their babies in slings or carriers – this is your time to show the freedom that babywearing offers and to celebrate the joys of being connected to both your baby and your community.

Babes in Arms is excited to celebrate the 6th annual celebration of Australian and New Zealand Babywearing Week. Sponsored this year by award winning carrier brand Ergobaby this year’s celebration will run in parallel with International Babywearing Week from 4-10 October.

Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week (ANZBW) was originally conceived and designed to raise the profile of babywearing in a pram dominated culture and the message babywearing now has a strong community-driven momentum. In recent years the practice of babywearing has become more mainstream as parents appreciate that with the help of a baby carrier or sling, babies may need not become handbrakes on life.

Since the message of babywearing now has community-driven momentum, Babes in Arms has now reset the purpose of ANZBW. The aim now is to stretch beyond their ‘target market’ – to identify and reach parents and support organisations with limited resources and distribute baby carriers where babywearing will make powerful daily impact, and a special allocation of Ergobaby Carrier gifting has been set aside for this purpose.

Interested in joining in the celebration or want more information about Babywearing Week? Check out, where you will also find an open online calendar to promote all babywearing events around Australia and New Zealand. Here you can also register your event and be added to the calendar and map to share the celebrations.  Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook Page to hear all the latest news about events and giveaways during the lead up to the celebration.


Australian and New Zealand Babywearing Week 2015 - A New Direction


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