KidStyleFile Loves Food : Surprise Inside Cakes
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Well the stakes just seem to be getting higher and higher folks! Surprise inside cakes seem to be growing in popularity and so not only must our cakes look fabulous on the outside but now you get bonus points for hiding a surprise inside.

I must admit that I face this challenge with both excitement and trepidation. But after looking at all these cakes this afternoon for this post, I have discovered that it doesn’t actually look that hard to do. OK, I just heard you snort and I admit the outcome may not be as polished as the examples below but I am sure that any efforts would be appreciated (luckily a 4 year old’s expectations are not that high).

For my next (first) surprise inside cake attempt I promise to post the result – good or bad on the KidStyleFile Facebook page. We can all either say “Wow!” or fall about laughing. Both outcomes are equally good 🙂


KidStyleFile Loves Food : Surprise Inside Cakes

Clockwise from top left:



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