KidStyleFile Roundup : Halloween – Get Your Spook On!
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I know, I know, we’re in Australia, we don’t celebrate Halloween. Or do we? I’m certain you have noticed that the celebration, largely celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere, has crept into our annual celebrations. My own kids have somehow wrangled a small get together this year thanks to the 31st falling on a Saturday.

If you too have fallen into celebrating Halloween you are going to love today’s roundup. All eyes are on the Tutu du Monde’s first ever halloween release. It’s perfect to get your spook on! If you’re partying on October 31, you might appreciate Cake 2 the Rescue’s Frankenstein Cake Kit which is super easy to create. Easy peasy!

Of course, if you are celebrating this year we would love for you to head to the KidStyleFile Facebook page and share your costumes. Go on, get your spook on!

KidStyleFile Roundup : Halloween - Get Your Spook On!

  1. In The Web Tutu du Monde $129.01
  2. In The Web mask Tutu du Monde $49.00
  3. How-To: Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo Make – We Are All Makers
  4. Sonny Angel – Halloween 2015 Lime Tree Kids $16.00 each
  5. Spooky Faces Party Plates Lark $12.95
  6. Halloween Fingernails Seed Heritage $9.95
  7. Acorn Ghost Bucket Hat Buckets and Spades $36.95
  8. Zombie Boys Costume Costume Box $36.99 $22.99
  9. Frankenstein Cake Kit Cake 2 the Rescue $51.95
  10. Xray Socks Babes in Arms $12.95 $5.95
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