KidStyleFile Moodboard : January 2016 Happy New Year!
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Hello 2016! This time of year is a special time with festivities in full swing. There are lots of families celebrating holidays together, reminding us that the important things in life are often the small things.

As yet another year begins I am reminded that childhood is a relatively short time in our lives and that of our children. It is a lovely time to create some childhood memories and these are often the simple things like the feeling of sand between the toes, blowing bubbles on the grass or swinging in a hammock with your friends.

Summer holidays are a wonderful time for road trips, visiting galleries and museums, playing with new toys or just dancing in the living room. So whatever the year brings for you, we hope you find joy in some of the little things to do. Happy New Year and may your wishes (ahem or resolutions) come true in 2016.

KidStyleFile Moodboard : January 2016 Happy New Year!

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