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Over the New Year I admit that I made a few resolutions. I’m actually determined to see these ones through too as I’m positive they’re going to make for a pretty awesome year. Top of my list – get the kids outside more! My strategy? Gardening. Yep, I’ve been totally inspired by DirtGirl and well prepared to get grubby!

I do need to clarify that I don’t actually have a green thumb. Over the years I have developed an aversion to getting dirty in the garden, so I need a little incentive. What could encourage me to do this with the kids? Well, food! There are so many things you can grow to eat that just aren’t vegetables.

This month’s Green Guide is all about developing your green thumb and we’ve sourced 10 different projects that will be fun for you and the kids (and the final outcome is amazing too!)

Green Guide January 2016 : Let's Get Green. Thumbs Up!

Make a Worm Farm – Childhood 101

Bean Pole Teepee – the Artful Parent

Growing Mint in Water – Mums Make Lists

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones – Adventure in a Box

How to Grow a Garden Fairy Ring – HGTV

Creating an Edible Sensory Garden for Children With Herbs – The Educators’ Spin on It

Make a Fairy Garden – See Jamie Blog

Flowers Your Kids Can Pick and Eat – The Connection We Share

School of Ants Australia – Citizen Science Project

The Big List of Ideas for Gardening with Kids – A Virtuous Woman


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