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Hello cheeky monkeys, this is your year! Celebrations for Chinese New Year are happening around the world and this year it is time to celebrate with some monkey craft.

The monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese Zodiac, and the new year (which started 2 days ago) heralds the start of the year named for this quick-witted and clever, but often mischievous animal. People who are born in the Year of the Monkey are said to be witty, intelligent, curious, and big pranksters.  Perhaps you have some 12 year olds at your place that are little monkeys! Babies born in the year of the monkey are said to be hardworking, lucky and creative. 

Whether you are celebrating the Year of the Monkey or are just after some happy and fun crafts, then there can be no better animal symbol than a cheeky monkey or two. We have pulled together some fun monkey crafts for your to try – but don’t forget to visit our art and craft archives for more inspiring crafty projects. Go Bananas!

Kidstylefile loves craft: Monkey craft for the new year

Project links:

1. Monkey plate shaker via makesandtakes
2. Monkey hat via kixcereal
3. Paper plate monkey via learncreatelove
4. Monkey bookmark via hubpages
5. Make your own sock monkey via hubpages
6. Monkey card via craftymorning
7. Ice cream monkey cone via kids activities
8. Choc banana monkey cupcakes via omfgsogood


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