KidStyleFile Moodboard March 2016 – An Easter Party
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Wow, I can’t believer it is nearly Easter time, it just seems like yesterday that Christmas presents were tucked under the tree! Soon there will be eggs, chicks and bunnies to wrangle, so better get planning soon. This year I am planning an Easter party with my friends and their kids, so I have been doing a little research to find some inspiring decorations, such as this gorgeous basket of eggs and blooms or this one with clover and chocolate bunny.

There are so many places to find inspiration and here is just a few fun ideas, stay tuned over the month for more handmade Easter party, food and craft ideas!

KidStyleFile moodboard March 2016 - An Easter Party

Image credits (clockwise from top left)

Clover and egg basket via MarthaStewart
Egg hunt at Elizabeth Farm in Sydney via sydneylivingmusems
Chocolate chip hot cross buns via bbcgoodfood
Flowers and egg display via demakeriet
Lots of Easter party ideas from littlepeanutmag


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