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It has been an Indian Summer in many parts of Australia this year, but don’t be fooled winter is coming! But before the coldest days we get to experience wonderful autumn with leaves changing colour and the days drawing in. Daylight savings ends this weekend which usually makes the changing seasons feel very real.

Luckily for us Australian designers produce new collections that perfectly suit our cooler seasons. This month we are in the mood for a little autumn and winter wear and are featuring some of the coolest clothes for your family. This month’s mood board includes warm (but cool) clothing for our boys and girls from great Australian designers and brands. Check out what Banditkids, Baobab, Chalk n Cheese, Children of the Tribe, eeni meeni miini moh, Oobi and Minti have to offer.

April 2016: In the mood for Autumn / Winter Fashion

Autumn / winter fashion image links:

  1. These hearts collection from Children of the Tribe
  2. Murtle dress from Chalk N Cheese
  3. Bunny sweater from eeni meeni miini moh
  4. Fuiti ottomans from Oobi
  5. Hello Goodbye sweater from Minti
  6. Boys pocket tee from Baobab
  7. Strawberry jeans from Banditkids
  8. Lilac painted floral dress from Oobi
  9. Boys trackies from Minti
  10. Squirrel tee and goosey pants from Banditkids.


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