Little Belle Night Lights for Little People
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When my daughter began sleeping through the night as a bub I will not lie – my husband and I high fived each other for being so across this sleep malarkey. Oh how we were to pay for this smugness in years to come! As she grew and blossomed, her imagination also grew and blossomed and sleeping through the night or on her own became a a thing of the (distant) past.

It has been a long road back but finding a nightlight that she likes has helped immensely and I cant wait to show her my latest discovery from Little Belle. If you have a little one in need of a nightlight or you simply want an enchanting piece of kids decor to complete a magical room then Little Belle’s toadstool lights are a sweet option.

Little Belle Night Lights for Little People

Emanating a soft, reassuring glow, Little Belle’s miniature pottery mushrooms feature little opening doors, windows and a chimney.

Made of earthen wear, these whimsical nightlights are produced in small batch runs and are individually handmade in Sydney. Each light is individually carved, painted and decaled by hand making every nightlight unique.


Laura Burbery, the New Zealand based designer for Little Belle, was inspired by the imagination of her young daughter to make the range of Little Belle lamps. Her daughter loved stories about night time fairies as she drifted off to sleep and Laura wanted a quality light that she could leave on for her all night. The lights have been tested and meet the Australia/NZ safety standard for lighting in children’s rooms and contain a low wattage LED bulb which means the lamps don’t heat up.

Little Belle Night Lights for Little People

Little Belle nighylights come in a range of colours – yellow, red, blue and pink and can be preordered for $149.95.

Little Belle Night Lights for Little People


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