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Autumn is my favourite time of year. The sun is warm but has lost most of its sting making it the ideal time to get out and about. Better still leaves are starting to turn the beautiful autumnal shades – yellows, oranges reds and brown. I don’t know of a child or an adult for that matter who can resist running and stomping through a carpet of fallen leaves. We have a number of huge deciduous trees on our street and luckily our neighbours aren’t too swift to sweep so each autumn all the neighbourhood kids have a great time. We also like to collect fallen leaves and try to get as many colours as possible.

This week we have collected together some awesome autumn craft ideas using collected leaves and other bits and pieces found in adventures outdoors. One of the simplest for little kids is sticking leaves between two large ¬†sheets of contact. Pop it up on a window and you have a gorgeous autumn leaf ‘stain glass’ window! We do this every year but we are also keen to try out a few of the ones below too.

KidStyleFile Loves Autumn Craft

  1. Fall Leaves in Wax Paper via The Seasoned Mom
  2. Paper Punching Leaves via Grow Creative
  3. Decorate Pinecones via Buggy and Buddy
  4. Leaf and Nut Windcatchers {Crafting with natural materials} via Dobermans by the Sea
  5. How to Preserve Leaves via Buggy and Buddy
  6. Autumn Leaf Suncatchers via Clare’s Little Tots

Header Image: Autumn Lanterns via No Wooden Spoons

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