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Mother’s Day will be here before you know it bringing with it breakfast in bed, a gorgeous gift and a day of peaceful bliss. Well, ideally, right? This year I’m hoping it won’t be forgotten and my gorgeous husband finds a moment to creep away with the kids so they can source a special something for me that they’ve found below which I thoughtfully stuck on the fridge. Now that’s strategy!

For my mother who is about to head off on a Grey Nomad adventure around our island continent, I’m sourcing lots of new books for her to read during those TV free nights. Thanks to Booktopia I’ve grabbed them all at a steal. I might even throw in some mozzie repellant because I know she’ll need that too.

How do you normally spend Mother’s Day? Do you delight in the Mother’s Day stall finds your kids have carefully selected with their pocket money? I bet you do but wouldn’t it be nice to also receive something from the list below too? Print it off and stick it on the fridge – maybe your partner will get  the hint.

KidStyleFile Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016 : Delights To Make Her Smile

  1. Magic Mother’s Day Beans Bean Me Up $14.95 – $15.95
  2. Letters to Your Child Wiggles Piggles $39.95
  3. Mum-to-Be Bath Soak Set Little Bairn $47.00
  4. pals Adults ~ Dragon & Unicorn Little People & Me $19.95
  5. Murkani Lace edge open cuff in rose gold plate Hard to Find $425.00
  6. Bakers Gotta Bake Pendant Jubly-Umph Originals $29.95
  7. Nouvelle Cotton Dressing Gown Eternal Creation $69.00 $54.95
  8. The Torquay Extra Large Picnic Rug Bask $129.00 $109.00
  9. Baobab Jewellery Tree Zanui from $24.95
  10. Toggle Braclet Tiffany & Co. $580.00
  11. Lou Harvey Nappy Bag – Gabriels Gate $169.95
  12. S&F Signature Cookie Bouquet Spoon & Fork $28.00


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