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It’s is officially winter and the weather in most parts of Australia is cooling. The nights are drawing in and the days shortening creating lots of opportunities to embrace all the wonderful things that comes at wintertime. Board games, hot chocolate and perhaps the warmth of a fire are all cool weather delights.

There are of course, also days when cabin fever sets in and you need to get everyone out of the house. These days are perfect for excursions to your local library or museum. A morning outing looking at books or appreciating art or science displays can just what the doctor ordered to relieve boredom or just grab a change of scene.

If you have a toddler in the house, a simple bus ride with a gumboots and umbrella can be a heavenly outing especially if puddles or leaves are involved. Don’t forget the family dog also appreciates an outing or two – so if you can squeeze in a walk or two with them as well you can be sure of a happy home at least for a few hours.


June 2016: In the mood for wintertime fun

Image credits

Hula hooping from ilslearning
Jumping in puddles from pexels
Hot chocolate from inhabitots
Fireplace from unitedfireplaceandstove
Toddler in leaves from pixababy
Museum kid via barbara_maga
Beach dog from wikipedia

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